Hal's Second Time Around  

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Again some time has passed since I last posted.
I've been a bit shy about sharing myself with the world of late, a period of hybernation has just passed as the month's of February and March have slipped by...two months ago, I ended a relationship that had only been rekindled late last October after a dormancy of a decade.
We learn, as we go on through the years, that sometimes our perceptions to which we have clung for so many years, were wrong. Things are for the best.

My conception of life now is that all things that happen, happen FOR me...whereas, in the past, I have thought that things happen TO me...it is all a matter of perception.

Simple...yet having momentous consequences in how we come to view the present moment in the place from which we write these messages into the cyber-space...to live beyond us, perhaps.

If this has made any difference to anyone, that is wonderful. It has made a difference to me, if nothing else.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006  
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