Hal's Second Time Around  

This is a window on my life...please crawl in at your own risk!


Yesterday, I spent the evening in IKEA with a friend.
The place was populated with but a handful of people on a Friday night.
The food reminded me of what I got in Copenhagen every day. How I miss that diet.

I was along for the ride. After spending some time in a dog park watching my friend's dog play with the others...and listening to the chatter of other dog owners, I walked back with my friend to her flat. The place amazed...so completely decorated by the small half chow, half Australian shepherd trimmed like a lion who has a knack for making materials into confetti.

Driving down to Springfield with my friend, dog cage in the back, flying through traffic narrowly missing several accident opportunities, I cast my mind into the conversation, making small contributions to the narratives my friend painted...painting a few of my own.

And this is where life is...subtexts were written. Material was moved...and my accounts were tapped just slightly as I purchased a few items.

Now, today, I post again to the blog before going to put a few dollars into my account at the bank across the street. I'll engage with the teller, exchange pleasantries and things will be different for my having passed through that space. The plan from there is to wander down to the Metro and set out for the Washington Mall. If any of you are there I'll be looking into your eyes as I pass. Trying to read the moment...and impressing the image of my passing on your retinas...perhaps I'll raise a question in your mind...and neurons will fire...a record will be made...and something may be just a little different for this having happened.

Intentionality of fine, subtle details...this is my work of art.

Thank you for your participation in the creation.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004  
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