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Winding down the weekend, I've just come back from Bethesda where I ran another test of a module of the software that I support. Problems, problems...User roles aren't quite set right to be able to complete the test.

No matter! I am very glad to have been able to complete that work so that I can take my car into the shop tomorrow. It needs a new left front tire to pass inspection.

I wish that I could write something profound and meaningful...but nothing is coming up...nevertheless, I thought it important enough to just comment a bit on that work of the day.

Searching my soul lately, listening to a little music and enjoying the peace of a Sunday evening...I reflect on the fact that I am living a life of exceptional luxury...for which I have done precious little other than exist.

I've been reading Emmet Fox and William Gibson...listening to Cole Porter and just realizing how very much we are all interconnected. There are so many problems that face our environment, our civilization...the Madrid bombings have ripped through my consciousness...I sit in Crystal City looking out onto the Capitol dome and marvel at the ceaseless flow of traffic along the George Washington Parkway, jets coming and going from National Airport. Trains rolling by, the Metro....and this flow of humanity...thickened droplets of water rushing over the surface...intentionally rearranging the structure of everything they touch and creating.

So, our imaginations, our thoughts, they shape our world, our small blue orb spinning in a space we dimly comprehend.

Where will all this lead? Now that we can so easily communicate. Sharing our souls with each other through our inscriptions into this ethereal connection of machine to machine?

Publishing has never been easier...but do we have anything meaningful to say to each other? Write if you like. Perhaps you will be read...and the words, forming in the consciousness of the reader will reshape thought.

Thinking positively. Meditation...prayer. These things may yet heal and help us to realize that we are all One.


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Sunday, March 14, 2004  
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