Hal's Second Time Around  

This is a window on my life...please crawl in at your own risk!


Painting words on top of words is my particular medium and I have just resumed that process. Using thick acrylics, spread out on the canvas, I inscribe my thoughts in bold block letters from the top of the canvas to the bottom and then begin again, creating a flow of brushstrokes woven together. Colors are shifted with the moods of the thought and the paint builds up into a thick impasto...a topography of layered language and what finally appears is a low abstract sculputure of pigment and binder build onto the canvas.

A construction.

That is what life is also, a categorization of opaque reality given transparency by the apparatus through which we perceive. Perception, emotion, sensation, these things give my existence its form.

Flowing out onto the canvas, the paint has its own integrity and as I transgress its boundaries, it responds to my intentional disruption and redistribution of the matter that it contains. A selfish act, painting is when done this way.

It isn't for anyone, this writing in paint. It is solely for me, a kind of scouring of my soul, an outpouring of everything that I would like to tell another but restrain myself from speaking.

Now, in this block, I put before you, the reader, these scrawlings to see or not what sparks take off from this simple click of keys on the keyboard.

Perhaps I'll write something more concrete in the near future. I am just very happy to again have been creative with this chosen form, although, at the same time, I am finding myself castigating myself for engaging in it.

However, perhaps it is the calling.

Time will tell.

  posted by Harold @ 12:32 PM

Sunday, March 07, 2004  
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