Hal's Second Time Around  

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Back again a bit over a month later. I have accepted a new position and moved to a new apartment overlooking Reagan National Airport and the Potomac. I am very happy with the new arrangement and am pleased to be learning so much in my new position.

I was struck today by the idea that meerkats in the South of Africa and people are so similar. Here in the Northern Virginia area. We have many who are down with their noses to the grindstone working away at the projects at hand. There is little need for the meerkats who stand on their hind legs and scan the horizon for difficulties and opportunities. I fall into the latter category rather naturally. I always have the radar up.

In other news, I'll be contributing again soon to Content Wire, which, to my mind, is one of the best digests of the current market status of the "Content" technology offerings such as Web and Document Content Management Systems.

The idea of integrating all materials that can be stored electronically in such a way that the material can be controlled and accessed smoothly is so compelling that I just have to dive into it with both feet.

I am certain it can be done but more and more I am also convinced that it cannot be done by everyone. It requires a certain type of professional...who is more of an artist in some ways than a technician. Therein lies the most common fallacy.

More on that later.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003  
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