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Well, It has been a bit since I posted. Here I am once again recently back from a vacation in Europe. Too much to tell this late at night.

Arriving on September 10 in Munich, I spent the 11th in Salzburg and had dinner at Boccacio's in Prien am Chiemsee before getting back to Munich. The 12th found me taking an afternoon train to Augsburg where I had a wonderful dinner with old friends, Gabi, Donna, and Toby from Augsburg, Til from Freiburg and Deb from Munich, my hostess. Chris, Gabi's boyfriend, came over from Stuttgart for part of the evening also.

After brunch on the 13th, I went back to Munich and caught the night train to Venice. I toured the Biennale seeing nearly everything there was on exhibit..including the Church of Fear. The night train back to Munich concluded with a delightful discussion of American Literature with a young marketing manager from Trieste.

After that, I had one more day to enjoy Munich, meeting two colleagues from the STC TransAlpine Chapter for lunch before leaving with a three hour layover in Copenhagen. There I had a chance to see two old friends, one accidentally and one deliberately. What a treat.

One cannot put a price on such vacations where old acquaintances can be reinforced and acknowledged.

I returned just in time for Hurricane Isabel. We escaped major damage, thankfully.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003  
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