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Well, it's another day! I have just returned from a 16 mile bicycle tour, last four miles were ridden in a lovely downpour...the water splashing and flowing around the wheels as I peddled over Mounts Bay Road's bike path reminded me that all of this is interconnected...constantly flowing and my passing moves things, ever so slightly and the repercussions flow out from there.

So it is with blogging. Electrons course through...constructing these symbols along which another person, unknown to me, may some day run their focus of attention...just briefly, and interpreting the patterns that the symbols impress on their retinas, they will have small impulses coursing through their visual cortex. These will give rise to synaptic firings inside their frontal cortex and ever change the electrostatic balances that would have been had they not read what I am writing!

Is there a sense of power in the taking of action? In blogging? I believe so. In fact, one takes action in sitting at a computer typing and also, in so doing, commits sins of omission perhaps. However, we really can't be two places at once.

My solution to the ethical delimma I find in sitting at a computer typing is to take what I learn here and put it into action. Actions I have taken in the past have led me from this machine to Copenhagen, Denmark where I worked for two years. Even today, I work at keeping connections active and perhaps I have played a role in subtly shifting alignments of humans into other patterns.

It may seem a slow and subtle process but it is unquestionably one that does send out ripples into the fabrics of other lives and gives a feeling of connectivity and meaningful participation with the world at large. My concern is that we might be missing opportunities to do more.

I plan to remedy this by attending a Meetup in Norfolk soon...just to see what the connectivity has wrought (shades of Samuel Morse).

Well, I have been reading again yesterday...this time, It's the 49th issue of Adbusters. I do love it. It stimulates my mind to read this material and see that I am not the only one who feels disquieted by the onslaught of media and advertizing...I find myself curiously attracted by the subversion of the standards of the day...but the subversions themselves are co-opted and it is very difficult to tell the establishment from the anti-establishment. Sometimes I think the role that is most needed is that of the observor.

At the moment, a memory of a walk I took in Vienna and a coffee that I enjoyed in a place where Rilke met with Karl Kraus...yes, that morning, I walked out thinking...is there any meaning? Later that day, I would attend a lecture by Jean Baudrillard on Globalization and the wake of 9/11...given in German, it was a charming thing to do on an afternoon before flying back to Copenhagen. That must have been in mid April of 2002.

Life presents us with so many opportunities...sitting in the third row of the Folks Theater, watching others watching the crowd...and listening to America described as a sort of UnCulture and celebrating that...the march around the streets of Vienna that followed. Seeing people coming and going. That was a wonderful day.

I hope that all of you are enjoying your day today as much as I am enjoying mine.

More sooner or later!

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Sunday, August 03, 2003  
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