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Very early Saturday morning, I feel that I have been letting my blog moulder too long.
Good news! I have found out on Wednesday that the State Courts of Minnesota are going to be using the Web500 CMS Professional software! The deal finally closed. Even though I have not been working for Web500 since Halloween, I still am very happy to see their software get purchased outside of Denmark. What is even more gratifying is that the purchaser has pointed out that the documentation (including our whiz bang FrameMaker/WebWorks Publisher built context-sensitive Online Help) is a big reason for their deciding to go with this solution!

Pay attention folks! What separates the different offerings out there is how understandable the software and it's working are. To get that kind of information smoothly into the hands of your customers, hire good technical communications professionals!

In the meantime, I'm submitting my proposals for presentations that I will be giving in Baltimore next May. That will take place at the 51st Annual Convention of the Society for Technical Communications.

What am I reading lately? Well, my interest is primarily focused on Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs for the moment. I am also reading Alan Cooper's The Inmates are Running the Asylum even if it is a bit dated. I'm also doing a lot of soul searching; wondering if perhaps I had better return to teaching one of these days. Time will tell.

I had a nice opportunity to ride up to Dulles Airport and back the other day. I must have criss-crossed with quite a number of people who are now at all distant points from where I am. That is a neat feeling. I like being in airports for that very reason.

The highways are packed with cars at all hours it seems. I often think of how this all looks from the air....and realize that we are really small corpuscles in a hive...and not nearly as independent as we think ourselves to me. Consciousness, such as I have as a 21st century man, is a very distorted lens through which I observe the world. I spend many of my waking moments highly conscious that what I perceive is just my perception based on categorizations of sensory input to which I have ascribed certain "names" and "concepts". What surrounds me really is a relatively homogenous mass of energy potentials.

I know it's not a new idea.

The other day, a good friend told me of her brother's passing. I shared with her my idea of our lives being like the waters of a river...starting in the mountains (in my mind, I think of the North Fork of the Piney River running down through the border of Amherst and Nelson counties in Virginia) and how we merge and flow around the rocks and through the bends to meander out into a sea of unknowing, undifferentiated and timeless. I often think of myself as a slightly thickened droplet of water that happens to be holding a certain integrity at the moment. Not too different from any other soul, I suppose...I think of these things and wonder what really underlies all that I perceive.

This evening, talking with a friend, I expressed a desire to someday write my philosophy in a book called Sein und Schein. I believe that the German has a certain eloquence to it...not Sein und Zeit (Heidegger's magnum opus) but Being and Appearance. All we perceive, is appearance. I am not sure that Being really does underlie all this...but I hope it does!

So that's me, tonight.

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Saturday, August 02, 2003  
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