Hal's Second Time Around  

This is a window on my life...please crawl in at your own risk!


Ah yes! The test has worked. So, now that I am back, maybe I had better talk a little a bit about who and what I am.
At the moment, I'm working as a Senior Technical Writer/Editor for a contracting company. My assignment is at the a military base near my hometown. I'm don't think I'm at liberty to say much more about that issue!

I am very glad to be getting more experience in my profession of choice now. That is primarily what this blog is to be about...my development as a human being here on the planet and reflections on my progress. You may feel free to read along.

I am at the juncture of tying together past careers as a metal working craftsman at Colonial Williamsburg, a decorative arts conservator and conservation administrator at the Carnegie Museum of Art and Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, German instructor at the University of Pittsburgh and freelance translator.

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Sunday, April 13, 2003  
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